Breakfast Cereal and Bar Ingredients

Extruded and gun puffed crisps and grains, Clusters, Natural Soluble/Insoluble and Gluten Free Soluble/Insoluble Fibres, Bake Stable Inclusions, Cereals, Bar Layers, Binding Syrups/Sweeteners including Sugar Free, Fruit and Vegetable offerings for the Cereal, Bakery and confectionery Industries.​

Cheese and Yoghurt Starter Cultures

Dairy starter cultures,
Protective cultures,
Enzymes, Yeast and Mould

Health & Nutrition Premixes

Vitablend premixes and nucleotides are designed for high end applications such as infant and clinical nutrition, and for fortification of sports nutrition and nutritional drinks.

Antioxidant Systems

Vitablend formulates and produces Antioxidant Systems suitable for marine oils, vegetable oils, dairy products, pet foods and fat rendering. Our natural and synthetic antioxidants are available in customised formulations.

Meat ingredients and smallgoods

Sweet and Savoury Powder
Smallgoods Cultures
Natural Preservatives
Specialty Savoury and Smallgood Flavours

Infant Formulas

Vitamin and Mineral Premixes
Omega 3 and 6​
Specialty Dairy Powders

Bakery and Confectionary

Specialty Ingredients, gluten free, novel inclusions, freeze-dried/micro-dried fruit.

Specialty Ingredients

For all your other Specialty Ingredient needs.